We love innovating in ways that improve the human condition – hopeful, joyous, fun and many things good. 

We also work to smooth out experiences that intrude, interrupt or wear us down as the day unfolds. 

SpinRamp enables brands, agencies, enterprises and digital natives to measure, assess and manage your brand, audience, competition and markets over social. More at

Zulu.Social enables brands, enterprises and membership organizations to create, manage and participate in vibrant communities on existing social networks. is now SpinRamp Enterprise (click to login)

Trunym enhances trust in business and personal interactions over the web. Trunym – your trusted online identity. Trunym was ahead of its time (for 2013) – and the need for verified online identity is greater than ever … perhaps blockchain holds the answer.

It just got easier to say hello! An IoS App – with Shuffle you could add contacts, greet contacts with ready to go email templates. All in three easy steps… Plus a highly programmable multi-vendor contact sync engine for enterprise customers – buried within the app.
more at…. Shuffl has now been discontinued due to shifting market landscape. The idea lives.