Deepak … Co-founder, dabbles in Product, Marketing, Strategy  Resident grey hair. Full-time marketer and strategist. Spare-time architect. Survivor of three tech revolutions and nomad to industry verticals. Keen observer of humankind.

Anil … Co-founder and CTO  A mobile marketing pioneer, he cofounded mGinger and scaled it a multi-million user base. He fled an early career in ‘cubicle land’, building SaaS apps for Wall Street. And moved to startups. He has extensive experience in distributed computing and platform creation. He delights in slipping to the dark side… dabbling in strategy and marketing. When he’s not coding you can find him

Abhishek … Co-founder and Lead, Application & Interaction Engineering Dreamer of big things. an Optimist who seeks no cure. Drink all things Java, Crafts many things on Social. Loves the spotlight and when he is not pitching ideas, he’d rather be pitching a cricket ball..